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Flotsam is the bits and bobs drifting on the sea or washed up on the beach - a bit of gunnel, a jellyfish blob. Jetsam is the stuff jettisoned from ships - like Tunnock's Tea Cake wrappers. Or the ship's cook.

Flotsam & Jetsam is also a puppet theatre company in Scotland. Ailie and Scott are the company's partners and have been drifting back and forth across the Atlantic with bits of puppets (like the box marked "eyeballs") since 1995.


ailie_siteAilie grew up in the Borders and trained in puppetry at the London School of Puppetry in 1993. She studied storytelling with Scottish storyteller Janis Mackay and since then she has been performing for schools, nurseries, theatres and festivals in Scotland and Canada. She performs regularly for The Scottish Storytelling Centre, The Scottish Puppet and Animation Festival and the Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre. She has a BA in Philosophy. Ailie is accredited by the Scottish Storyteller's Association.


scott_siteScott grew up in Vancouver and graduated from art college in 1990. He worked as an illustrator and art director for several years in Vancouver and Los Angeles. He has participated in physical theatre, puppetry, clowning and forum theatre workshops and received puppet tutoring from Martin Bridle. He has a BA in Eng. Lit. and a post-grad qualification in Community Education. With a background in community development, education and social research in Scotland, much of his work has been in the fields of wellbeing, sexual health and relationships on behalf of the NHS. These days Scott also does sessional work for the City of Edinburgh Council delivering sexual health education in high schools.



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