space_boy_small  Malcolm's hiding in a box from puberty. Even his gran's chocolate oranges can't coax him out. Meg and Lucy are gossip queens and his mate Stuart's driving him crazy.


space_girl_yellow Touring to schools, this is a package of a performance plus workshops and teaching packs for Primary 6 and 7 to help teachers deliver sexual health and relationships education.

Guided by Curriculum for Excellence and developed in consultation with teachers and NHS health promotion specialists, Hothouse does not discuss sexual activity but focuses on reassuring both boys and girls about emotional and physical puberty changes as well as peer pressures and asks "what makes a good friend?" Schools receive:


  • A 45 minute interactive performance using a traditional puppet booth 
  • A 50 minute workshop for each class after the performance
  • A Teacher's Resource Pack with 8 lesson plans for follow on work

    £120 for up to 45 pupils (performance + one workshop)
    £180 for 45 to 90 pupils (performance + two workshops)












    “A funny and engaging performance followed by an interactive workshop on friendship, peer pressure and puberty. A great way to complement classroom programmes on sex and relationships."
    Lesley Walker, Senior Health Promotion Specialist (Schools) NHS Lothian




    "A fun and imaginative show that offers a refreshing alternative to complement teacher-led relationships and sexual health programmes. The whole experience places healthy relationships at the heart of surviving the challenges of growing up." 
    John Nicholls, Sexual Health Education Development Officer, City of Edinburgh Council




    "I enjoyed the performance and liked the humour. It was upbeat and engaged the children. A good additional input for sexual health and relationships education - it's great to see something so innovative."
    Pamela Vannan, Sr. Health Promotion Officer, NHS Forth Valley




    "Puppets in puberty! A light hearted way to re-inforce P6 or P7 sexual health and relationships education."
    Mary Scott Watson, INTER-ACT Education Worker, NHS Health Promotion




    "It was hilarious. My sides were splitting."  
    Girl, Towerbank PS, Edinburgh




    "The performance was very good and engaged the children fully. The fact that puppetry is used to open up discussion on such a sensitive subject meant that trust was built up very quickly with the class in the workshop through the game and role playing activities. I'm sure this resource would be appreciated by all teachers involved in teaching sex ed."
    Teacher, Gilmerton PS, Edinburgh




    "The show was brilliant and it taught me a lot about puberty. It made me think how some people feel."
    Boy, Balfron PS, Stirlingshire 




    "It made me feel more confident for going to high school."
    Girl, St. Margaret's PS, Polmont




    "I loved the puppets. A very positive show pitched appropriately for this age group."
    Teacher, Rattray PS, Perthshire




    "Tackles sensitive issues and feelings in a fun way. A very useful resource to complement our sexual health and relationships programme."
    Teacher, St. Margaret's PS, Polmont




    "The puppetry and humour help children relax and be open in the workshop after the show. A great way to learn about puberty."
    Deputy HT, Balfron PS, Stirlingshire




    "The girls on the bench are good comic relief - children like puppets better than being 'told' by an adult."
    Teacher, Fort PS, Edinburgh




    "A really good summary of puberty changes. A great show which links with our Living and Growing programme."
    Teacher, Towerbank PS, Edinburgh




    "The show was fantastic and the children responded really well to the characters - they could relate to them, it's how they chat. The issues were dealt with in a very sensitive way. It's a great show and workshop to complement our sex ed programme - either as a jumping off point or consolidation of learning. It's good value for money." Teacher, Gilmerton PS, Edinburgh




    "The performance was very good, I liked the humour. The show consolidates learning from sex and relationship ed and the workshop allows children to explore the ideas in a fun and relaxed context."
    Teacher, Clackmannan PS, Clackmannanshire




    "This is a great show before transitions to high school."
    Deputy HT, Clackmannan PS, Clackmannanshire




    "A light-hearted approach to a sensitive subject."
    Teacher, Drumbrae PS, Edinburgh




    "It was really funny and it was a brilliant way to explain how puberty works." Girl, Gilmerton PS, Edinburgh




    "It made me think you don't need a boyfriend or a girlfriend even if your friends have one - you can have one when you're ready."
    Girl, Clackmannan PS, Clackmannanshire




    "It was amazing and funny and if you put it on YouTube I'd rate it 5 stars."
    Boy, Clackmannan PS, Clackmannanshire




    "It was funny. It made me feel good about growing up."
    Girl, Clackmannan PS, Clackmannanshire




    "It was brill and funny. It was the best show I've been to."
    Boy, St. Margaret's PS, Polmont




    "I haven't laughed so much in my life."
    Boy, Balfron PS, Stirlingshire




    "It was really funny and I laughed and laughed it made me feel really happy and it was a great way to start the day."
    Girl, Rattray PS, Perthshire




    "It was funny I wish it didn't end."
    Boy, Fort PS, Edinburgh




    "It was fantastic and it was so great and funny. Thanks Scott."
    Girl, Abercromby PS, Clackmannanshire




    "It made me laugh. It made me think you should talk to your parents about puberty and growing up problems!"
    Boy, Drumbrae PS, Edinburgh




    "I thought it was really good and funny. It made me feell more secure about puberty."
    Boy, Davidson's Mains PS, Edinburgh 




    "I loved the show it was sooo funny and made me feel happy and helped me understand puberty a bit more. It helped me feel more confident."
    Boy, Towerbank PS, Edinburgh




    "It made me feel less shy."
    Girl, Towerbank PS, Edinburgh




    "It helped me think how people deal with things and how you can help them."
    Girl, Towerbank PS, Edinburgh




    "I really enjoyed the show it was funny and made me feel more comfortable about the subject."
    Girl, Towerbank PS, Edinburgh




    "It was a good show and a better way to show children these things." Girl, Gilmerton PS, Edinburgh





















































































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